Very recently, our fair and charming city of Takamatsu, made this promotional video. It is beautiful. Watch this:

The music is catchy, the video work is inspiring, the editing is clever and sharp, and the tone is simply so…. “Takamatsu”. This is our city, and our home. The video has a narrative element of a visiting couple from overseas making “wasanbon” ( which is a pressed sugar sweet used in tea ceremony, or given as a nice souvenir. Many of the pressed wasanbon are images or symbols of Takamatsu, so that is a very lovely metaphor for the video.

It is thrilling to see the local government make this production, as it is a sign of more good things to come. Takamatsu, Kagawa-ken, and all of Shikoku are slowly being discovered by world travellers and Japan-minded visitors.

Takamatsu is preparing more and more for your visit, so I truly hope that you can come and see what is shown in this video, walk through the parks, bamboo forests, temples, shrines, and coastlines that make this area so beautiful.

Welcome to Shikoku. Welcome to Kagawa. Welcome to Takamatsu.