Previously, I posted a blog about renting a bicycle in Japan. Here is another one, and with a bit of helpful detail about the form needed to acquire your temporary ride in town. This is very much a “public service announcement” type of video, complete with the music, tone, and editing one would expect. The actors were great.

“There sure are lots of places to see in Takamatsu!”

“Indeed there are. But however shall we find conveyance by which to seek them out?”

“Oh, I have an idea! Let’s get information from the helpful information people!”

Is it really possible for people who don’t speak Japanese to rent a bicycle?”

“I have no possible idea. Let’s ask this strapping young man if such a thing could be possible!”

“That’s a terrific idea. Let’s do exactly that.”

“These two wheeled contraptions are amazing at transporting us to places hither and yon where we may enjoy the sites and sounds of this astonishing city!”

“You speak the truth. By all means, let us venture forth upon our magnificent adventure of gardens, castles, lighthouses, and tasty noodles!”


“Sadly, our grand day of bicycle adventuring has come to a close. We must now return the said bicycles to their places of origin.”

“That is true, but while our hearts may be heavy with this sad parting, they are also full with the magnificent things we have done this day.”

Ok. Enough of my nonsense. The videos are a bit “campy” but they are helpful too. And one important thing to remember is that it is SUPER CHEAP to rent a bicycle to get around the city. 24 hours for 200 yen. You can’t beat the price, that’s for sure.

Anyway, come on down to Takamatsu, follow these videos of where to get a bicycle. And by the way, it all starts at the Kotoden Kawaramachi Station. Just follow where our helpful guides lead you and you will be set for wheels as you zip around the city.

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