The internet is a marvel. In a heartbeat you can meet people from all over the planet and argue with them on Facebook. But you can also meet people instantly from all over the world who share your interests and passions just as easily. I suppose you just need to keep your good filters on and find the gems among the other not so shiny things….

One interesting gem is a newly discovered author named Oliver Dunskus. Oliver and I are members of the Facebook Group called “Ohenro San お遍路さん” and you can check it out here:

Ohenro San お遍路さん

But Oliver has also done a remarkable thing, and it is a thing that many people say, “One day I will….” but he actually did it. He wrote a book about the Ohenro experience and it is available to you on amazon.

In his own words he says, ” I have tried to write a practical guide for german henro, explaining how to organize a trip and decribing the 88+20=108 temples, with GPS data, distances, historical data and the stages between the temples, do’s and dont’s and what else to see on the way.”

The 2019 version of the book is now 269 pages long and is also available in a downloadable format as well. If you can read German you are in for a treat. Here’s hoping that an English version is coming out in the future as well. This looks simply awesome.

Order it now: