If you can come to Shikoku during the summer it would be a marvellous experience to come and see the Awa Odori of Tokushima. To get a sense of it, check out this video below:

The city of Tokushima is literally transformed as everyone prepares for the Awa Odori and it is an incredible spectacle. Women, men, and kids all dance, and there are dance groups from all walks who come out to perform. There is festival food, drink, and a lot of traditional dancing. You can hear the taiko drums, the shamisen, shinobue flutes, and bells. It is a total blast. Sometimes the spectators get into it as well.

The traditional song that is sung all throughout the festival is the Awa Yoshikono. Here are the words:

踊る阿呆に Odoru ahou ni The dancers are fools
見る阿呆 Miru ahou The watchers are fools
同じ阿呆なら Onaji ahou nara Both are fools alike so
踊らな損、損 Odorana son, son Why not dance?

Why not dance indeed! Come out to Tokushima city for the O-bon festival which is from August 12 to 15th. Let your travel agent know that THIS is what you want to see so that you can get accommodations booked in time. Do it early. The city fills up fast!