On my Twitter feed I came across this nice website: https://www.tanoshimu-japan.com/single-post/2019/01/13/The-Recommended-Round-Trip-to-Shikoku-Island—Day-3

Shuichi Suzuki is the webmaster of this site and I really like his self-introduction.

“For the past 25 years I have been a frequent traveller in Japan on four different seasons.  I drove a car to travel throughout Japan in a free & easy style.” I love that, even though he is a second language learner of English, he has the courage to write his experiences out in English. Nicely done!!!

I love this. I like the approach to a free and easy style, and that is really what is needed when you think about having a proper visit to Japan. I don’t want to say anything unkind about the sprawling metropolises of Osaka and Tokyo, especially as I really enjoy the access to all the cuisine of the world, live music, and fast paced living. But, when I think about some of the best, and most rewarding experiences I have had in Japan, it is always in a context of a “free and easy style”.

Conversations with new friends, the pause of looking out over hills and sea, the sounds in temples and the smell of wood, time on the karate dojo floor stretching out and feeling all the muscles of my body–“attached to the floor”. These are the things that have the longest and deepest impressions.

I am glad to find Suzuki-san’s page. I’ll be watching carefully and look forward to the next updates on his adventure into Shikoku, in his “free and easy style”.