I received one of the greatest emails:

Mr. Mark Groenewold
Author of the website ‘cometokagawa.com

I am sorry for this sudden e-mail to you.
I am (edit), officer of Takamatsu City, in charge of tourism and exchange.
Our team and I just know that on your site you introduced our video!

We so much appreciate you making this article. Thank you very much.
The video gained over 60k views and it’s totally thanks to you!!
And we apologize to you that we didn’t know you until today…

In fact, the video is created in cooperation with Ministry of the Environment and us.
(The budget was from the Ministry – the Project to Fully Enjoy National Parks promotion.
Setonaikai(Seto Inland Sea) is one of three first National Parks of Japan since 1934.)
The editor is from New Zealand and he was very skillful.

I was also impressed by a great deal of contents in your site.
As you know, we manage a multilingual tourism site called ‘Experience Takamatsu’
Is it possible that you would also pick this site up on your article?
I think that your knowledge and perspective help us improving our site…


I am thrilled. I am simply beside myself with joy. This is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to happen. I just wanted this little website to be a megaphone for the planet and to talk about what a marvellous place Takamatsu is, and all the great things that can be seen and experienced here.

I really love the Take Me To Takamatsu video. I found it so genuine, and pure. It was really the tone that needed to be expressed that wasn’t quite happening yet. There are, and have been, other attempts to verbally welcome and explain about Kagawa, but this video simply “shows”.

I like that. I like that a lot.

The city, in this kind email asks for me to promote their website, https://www.art-takamatsu.com/en/ . I am very glad to do so. I have been checking through it today and it has a LOT of things I need to go and see for myself. There are great reviews, great suggestions of things to do and see, awesome photography throughout, and good write-ups.

I hope that you will take a look at the website above, and then do the next sensible thing when thinking about how to come to Japan and where to go. You know what that is…. come to Kagawa.

Thank you friends and neighbours. With a grateful heart I am

Truly Yours,