I can’t help but to laugh a little when I see these posters around Kagawa. I know that they mean well, to be “cutting edge”, to “modernize”, to attract “cool people”. But, I am sadly not really cutting edge, modern, or cool. I’m a guy swiftly becoming 50 years old, waking up in the middle of the night sometimes, getting up in the morning slowly, fuzzy around the edges until that first cup of coffee, and bearing witness to the body of my youth slowly turning into a human landslide.

I don’t mind growing older. And I have always liked the age that I am, whatever age that is. I feel comfortable in my own skin, and I like the life I have, and love the people I spend it with.

The ohenro pilgrimage is something that many have said, “changed their lives”. I think that is true. It is a powerful experience for many, and one that can be done in any manner that suits you. You do not have to “become” holy, or “serene”, or “magically transformed into some manifestation of the Buddha”. You can just be you, and travel the pilgrimage in a manner that suits you best, be it by foot, bus, car, motorcycle, bicycle, hovercraft, or Back-To-The-Future DeLorean.

funky henro02

The Come to Kagawa project has been in full swing since October of last year, so that has only been three months! But it has been a great 90 days. Already we have had some significant exposure in local media, met a lot of very interesting and importantly-placed companies and institutions, and had a great time interacting with creative, fun, and intelligent people. It is wonderful to be able to say that we are of service to our fellow citizens, our neighbours and friends, and soon-to-meet fellow pilgrims. I’m very excited to see what else will come this year, in 2019. I hope you will be part of it.

So, come to Kagawa, and Shikoku, and travel the path of Kobou Daishi!

Thanks for coming by, and have a wonderful day.