Mayumi Kuri is from Aichi Prefecture and she graduated from the Tokyo Gakugei University in 1988. She is very well known for her dramatic, and very moving artwork called, “Memory Bottle”.

In this artwork Kuri integrates the memories, often photographs or small personal items of the island residents, with LED lights and suspends them in a cascading chandelier. The collective memories, while separated and individual create an aggregation of light and memory and sentiment. Very lovely.

I strongly recommend you make Ogijima a stop on your trip to Setouchi. The Setouchi Art festival is kicking off in a few short months (from April!) so please come out to check out some of the most remarkable art that the region has to offer.

Here is some more helpful information for you as you plan your visit!

Thanks to Kimon Berlin and Trout Monroe for their beautiful photos