Located in Ehime Prefecture, the name of this temple, Kikijouji, is linked to the Hindu goddess, Kichjouten (Lakshmi). Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of prosperity and wealth. She is oft depicted with four arms for four Hindu virtues (dharma, kama or physical longing, artha or finding one’s purpose, and moksha or liberation from ignorance).

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Notice that this statue is a mix of Mary (mother of Christ) and Kannon. This statue was given by a Spanish sea captain. There are a few locations where Christianity is concealed within Buddhist traditions. This is one such location. Walking under the statue of the Mary-Kannon, you can receive a special blessing. The pilgrims line up to take their turns.

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If you can put your staff in this hole while approaching it from across the temple grounds with your eyes closed your wish will be granted. I carried no staff, so I couldn’t even give it a try.

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