Fuuujin (風神) is the god of wind in Japanese folklore. He is often shown with green skin, demonic features, and carrying above his head a bag of wind. You can sometimes find the image of Fuujin at a Japanese shrine. He makes appearances in stories and even in manga today. There is a belief that the origin of Fuujin is connected to the god of the north wind, Boreas, of Greek tradition.

In Greek mythology we have Boreas (the north wind), along with Zephyrus (the west wind), Notus (the south wind), and Eurus (the southeast / east wind). Boreas is a strong, and winged hard god with shaggy hair and beard to match, carrying a conch, father of magic colts as he took the form of a horse, and known as the sinker of 400 Persian ships which were encroaching on Athens.

Boreas is often depicted as jealous and violent, much like a true north wind, and often carrying a billowing cloak. It is suggested that the Japanese yokai Fuujin resembles Boreas as folklore and legend may have traveled through Eurasia from Greece to the Far East. We have little to clearly delineate the connection, but the suggestions in both temperament and depiction of the two are similar enough to imagine it.