Iwayaji means, “Rock Cave Temple” and is considered to be a “nansho”, which means “hard place to get to”. If you are on foot it will take some time. If you come by some vehicle it is not so bad. The entire area is absolutely stunning, so spend some time here if you can to look around

Ancient folklore tells us that a mysterious shaman priestess gave the site to Kukai. This lady-hermit was named Hokke-Sennin. Kukai made two statues of Fudou, one of them from stone, and placed this stone Fudou inside the cave. By placing the Fudou inside the cave the entire mountain becomes a sacred place.

This is truly a spectacular place to visit and explore. The path on the way up is lined with moss covered statues and trees. It smells great. It looks great. You are completely transported as you make the climb. Iwayaji does not disappoint at all.