In Shikoku, particularly in Kochi prefecture, there is a little known yokai called “Yamajiji (山爺 ), or “Yamachichi” (山父), which means “Mountain Grandpa” or “Mountain Papa”. The yokai is generally depicted as an old small man, covered in grey hair, and having one huge eye with one tiny eye. Because the tiny eye was so small, he is generally shown as having one big bulbous eye. He is also one-legged.

They possess an enormously loud voice, so you will surely hear it if they yell at teenagers to get off the lawn. Also, they have hard teeth that can crush bone. The Yamajiji are not aggressive, but are sometimes captured by humans to do their bidding. In some cases they can bring good fortune, as in cases where generosity is shown by feeding the creature “mochi” (sticky rice cakes) at the beginning of the year, bountiful harvests come in return.