No exploration of Japanese yokai would be complete without some mention of the Yuki-Onna (雪女), or “Snow-Woman”. She is in all sorts of stories and folklore, and has several different manifestations. In some cases, she is a dangerous creature against whom children are warned not to approach, or go outside on a winter’s night. In other cases, she is a refugee from her own kingdom, longing to return home. In many cases, she is a creature that engages with travellers and villagers, asking questions, challenging them to respond, and reacting against them be it for good or ill.

In some common scenarios the Yuki-Onna is carrying  child, and when meeting a traveler, may ask for the child to be held. But it is a terrible trap. The child becomes heavier, and freezes its victim. Then the traveler becomes food for the two monsters. Stories of the Yuki-Onna are particularly popular throughout Honshu, where there are lots of forests, lots of snow, and lots of things that may go bump in the night.