I love dogs. I’ve always loved dogs. From doberman to dalmatian, from pit bull to poodle. I love any dog, and I think that I am lucky that a lot of dogs seem to like to hang out with me too. Might be because I keep extra bacon around, just in case. Anyway, I am the proud owner of a couple of house dog, two forsaken puppies from a hardware store, that are weirdly traumatized by cardboard boxes. Anyway, that’s not what this blog is about.

I want to introduce to you the SHIKOKU INU, the dog named after this part of Japan. You may be familiar with the Akita breed of dog, and the variations of the Akita. The Shikoku-Inu (Shikoku dog) is not dissimilar, but according to those in the know about dog breeds, it is its own unique breed, and apparently highly-sought after. The Shikoku is similar to both the Akita and the Shiba dogs. Akita is big, Shiba is small, but the Shikoku is…. just right.

According to the research, the Shikoku is a loyal dog, active outside, but comfortable inside as well. They are hunters by nature and have been used historically as hunting dogs for wild boar (the “inoshishi”). Playful, good walkers, and beautiful, getting a Shikoku pup is a bit of a challenge as they are in demand, and new owners expect to pay about $2000.00!! Wow.

I got some good information on line, but you can check these guys out too!