Normally, I am not one for these kinds of contests, but THIS IS THE ONE YOU NEED TO TRY!

Seriously, this is super cool. Winning a trip to this region from London to Japan is pretty wild. First you have to go here:

Then do the quiz. Then send the results. Then just sit back and wait for your brilliance to be recognized and then POOF! You’ll be HERE. How cool is that?

But even if you don’t get chosen to fly with British Air to Japan you should still come. Travel to Japan once used to feel impossibly expensive, but the truth is that travel to Shikoku and the Setouchi region is very reasonable. Of course, you can stay in luxury accommodations and eat gourmet food, but you can also choose a more moderate approach to your accommodations and dining and still have an unbelievable experience.

So, you know what to do! Enter the contest and book your holiday!

See you here.