I want to share with you something truly remarkable.

This week I had the most unexpected and exciting experience. I was invited along with three other, and much more charming, expats to a mini inbound-experiment in Tokushima Prefecture.  We were graciously hosted by JR Shikoku (the big train company here) to experience a few chosen activities and places and to give some feedback on them. JR Shikoku and the local government are quite serious about getting information and finding out effective ways to show the beauty, the environment, the experiences, and the senses of Tokushima  to the rest of the world. I hope that we could help them, and that we can continue to be of service to their very important work.

I’ll write more about the other experiences as soon as I can get to my computer properly and do the video editing necessary, but this video here is created by a gentleman by the name of Tyler Walkey. Tyler is an Art Director for Awa-re and he is deeply involved in a wide variety of film making endeavours. I can’t recommend him enough for anyone in Japan who needs some help with making film for promotional purposes. You can see by the Youtube video here that he has some very serious talent.

The reason why I liked this video is not easy to completely express. It has elements of sentiment that I share with the narration, as it is difficult to explain in any clear manner why Shikoku is so enchanting, and significant. I like the tone of the narration, it is younger than my voice, but hopeful. Optimistic. I like the poetic attention and the rhythm of the narrative throughout. There are moments of alarming synchronicity between sound, sight, and narration that gave me a good chill. I like being surprised like that, by an aesthetic sense, and a yearning to express something significant that knows it cannot be done simply.

I was completely charmed by the work. I hope you are too. I’ve watched this about ten times already. It really is that good.

In addition to the video that shows and explores Tokushima, I also want to give some information to the Awa-re company that is behind, and throughout, the video. Awa-re (https://awa-re.com) is a tour company that gives visitors some very cool and unique experiences. We spent a day riding around on the Brompton bicycle. I didn’t know what it was but I’ll explain soon. In short, they are very cool fold-up bicycles that you can take anywhere. Awa-re can give you a tremendously cool cycling experience like you see in the video above. Give them a call if interested. The staff is totally bilingual so you’ll have no trouble at all.

More about the recent Tokushima adventure to follow! It was really exciting and I am anxious to share it with you.