I apologize for the few days of radio silence here on Come To Kagawa. It is not for a lack of desire to update the site, or fading hope of blathering on about how great Shikoku is. No, not at all. It is simply that we’ve been swamped with a number of things going on, so I should catch you up on it all…

The first is that after getting back from the Brompton bicycle excursion and being hosted by the very magnanimous Japan Rail Shikoku, we were running around on a four-day series of panel discussions with local government and business leaders around the whole of Shikoku (Kagawa, Tokushima, Kochi, and Ehime prefectures). That really was a tremendously fun experience, and I met some very creative and important people while zipping around.

When we got back, and crashed out for a day or so, we needed to slip into high gear to handle the day-to-day of our “day jobs”, that is running our company, englishbiz. We work with a team of international teachers and Japanese staff providing language lessons and language services to the city of Takamatsu and the surrounding area. Right now we are in “high season” for getting the current academic year resolved, and getting set up for the next school year (which in Japan begins from April 1st).

I also had a few additional duties that needed to be attended to. We have moved one of our branches, so there was a ton of stuff to lug around and clean up. I also had a day where I worked as a model for a major company promoting their very cool new tech (I can’t talk about it yet, because it is all hush-hush). And, we are very excited that this spring a very important VIP will be coming to experience Kagawa prefecture, so there are several things that need to be done there too. This too is hush-hush until … well, until I can tell you more.

I also cranked out a couple of textbooks I needed to get done for our junior high and high school classes. They are pretty simple, just a bunch of worksheets to be used in language classes to get otherwise silent and resentful teens to speak out in English. If you are a teacher in Japan, and need a set of easy -to-use lessons for junior high and high school, these might be useful.




So, it has been crazy. It has been hectic. We are sleeping at odd hours. But Kazuyo, the kids, our students, friends and family are healthy and well. So, no complaints. I am both entirely exhilarated and exhausted right now. There is a ton of things to do, but every day when I wake up and I have to run from dawn to dusk, I am happy. I am whole. I feel like we are doing some good work and bringing meaning to the kids in our classrooms, to friends that we meet, to our teammates in our company, and to our local community. Not a lot of people get to say that. And I never could until we started this crazy company. So, I’m grateful. And lucky.

I look forward to telling you more, showing more, inviting you more, and if possible, even meeting you when you find your way to this hidden corner of Japan, Shikoku, Kagawa, Tokushima, Kochi, and Ehime.

A million thanks for coming by, for being patient, and coming along for the ride.

Giddy up.