Welcome to the Fomads, nomads in search of food. They travel around Japan in search of ┬ádelicious things to eat and they made their way to Shikoku! How cool is that? These two gentlemen, while not particularly going to star anytime soon on “America’s Got Talent”, have a very nice chemistry as they introduce the sights, sounds, and flavours, of Japan. If you are a “foodie” and want to learn and see more about the incredible food of Japan I recommend you check out their channel and subscribe.

Their first stop to Shikoku, after buying designer denim in Okayama was Marugame where they experienced, “chicken on the bone”. This shop, Ikkaku, is kind of a local success story of a couple who dreamed of simply making wholesome food accessible to regular people. There are several shops around that make this dish, and the guys are right, it is completely delicious!

I also greatly enjoyed the udon safari that our hosts took us on. They really went out of their way to find the hidden gems of udon in Kagawa. Heed their advice and follow their directions. You can eat like a local as you dive into your bowl of noodles.

Thanks guys. Love the videos!!