I like Chris Raney’s videos a lot. I have introduced a couple of his videos on this blog before. One on Funaya in Matsuyama Prefecture, and one more on bicycle rentals in Takamatsu. As I mentioned before, Chris has such a great presentation style, and a terrific voice. He is a consummate concierge. Lots of information, well-delivered speaking style, introduces items, places, and amenities clearly and concisely. I just love it.

When you first come to Takamatsu via train you will find the JR Clement Hotel very easily. If you come by airplane, simply ask the taxi driver to take you to the hotel. It is a straight road all the way from the airport to the JR station and the JR Clement Hotel.

From this place you can easily access the harbour, go out to the art islands like Naoshima and Shodoshima. The local train nearby will also take you on a lovely countryside rumble through to Konpira. It’s a great place to make your Takamatsu vacation unforgettable.

Enjoy your stay!

Check this out. Thanks so much, Chris!