Stunning. This video is simply one of the greatest I have ever seen that simply shows, and does not “tell” too much about the Setouchi (inland sea) of Japan. The creator, Osamu Hasegawa, runs his company from Tokyo and has a huge portfolio of seriously impressive work. I am thrilled to see his creativity come to Setouchi to explore and discover.

What I enjoyed most about this video is that while the creator is clearly capable of making his productions looks super slick and glossy, he often simply seems to let the camera show the vast beauty of the region (be it with drone footage) or sometimes better yet, keeps an eye on the small, unnoticed details in leaf, stone, water ripple, and creature.

The camera eye is one that not sits idle, it moves like us, it has a curiosity to it, and the creator looks much like we ourselves would look at something, into something, around the corner for something. I thought the camera work was very well done.

Ujishima, Toyoshima, Manabeshima, Yugeshima, Onomichi, Tomonoura, Hashirijima, Mushima, Awashima, Shishijima, and Honjima are all explored through the video.

Thank you very much for this Hasegawa-san!

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