Art comes in many forms. Testing our limits, our resolve, our senses, and our capacities, it seems that art is something that has a large number of purposes. Art does not always please the ear or eye, sometimes it pokes a sore spot, or flattens a thing we have become comfortable with.

Fuyuki Yamakawa, to my primitive ears, is the kind of artist that does not present himself in easy to digest portions. As an artist in the medium of sound, and a visual performer, it takes time to acclimate to what is presented. The artist engages the audience, challenges the participant, or maybe seems to be operating at a frequency hard to see, hard to hear.

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In the Oshima port area there will be a radio broadcast involving people from the region. That might be interesting to explore and experience.

Yamakawa-san is said to be an experienced Khoomei singer, which is a Mongolian kind of throat singing. You may be able to hear that in the second video in this blog below.

Some performances are on the eclectic side of things. Not being such an artist myself, I was still quite intrigued by the performances. Here are a few to check out.

You really feel transported into another world. This is a very curious and undiscovered sound that I needed to watch a couple times to take in. I am reminded of some concerts I went to in the late 1980’s, some darkened rooms, the gritty sound of a world far away and imagined. A different flavour entirely.