This is the 4th temple named “Kokubunji” on the 88 Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage. In the main hall (which is considered a national treasure) is a 16-foot tall statue of Kannon. It is quite spectacular, and while I cannot really get pictures inside the temples you will need to come here and check that out for yourself.

I did, however, as usual, get a few shots of the outdoors….

Proving to be a spectacular visit to Kokubunji, and the Buddha within was beautiful, this was a great experience. The temple grounds are beautiful. The scenery is very pleasant. There are nooks and crannies around each of which is something new to see and discover.

“Our Butkara ruins were a magical place to play hide-and-seek. Once some foreign archaeologists arrived to do some work there and told us that in times gone by it was a place of pilgrimage, full of beautiful temples domed with gold where Buddhist kings lay buried. My father wrote a poem, “The Relics of Butkara,” which summed up perfectly how temple and mosque could exist side by side: “When the voice of truth rises from the minarets, / The Buddha smiles, / And the broken chain of history reconnects.”
Malala Yousafzai