Cathy Huang makes a very nice video of her journey here to Kagawa. I like it because it is just so charming, unassuming, very much “in the moment”, and just takes you along for the trip. I like this kind of travel video because it doesn’t “tell”, it just “shows” and that is the best way to see something for yourself.


More and more tourists are coming to Kagawa to enjoy and explore the region. I think that Cathy Huang and her group were great visitors here. Gentle, easy-going, and really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Another thing that I thought was so interesting about Cathy Huang’s channel is that she is a real world traveler. She has been all over the world. When she came to Japan, she has a couple of videos about Kyoto, which is completely reasonable, and then her group comes HERE–to Kagawa. It is a great thing to see that there is a trend that after a visitor sees the “big sites” of Japan, they are ready for something at a different speed, and in a different way. Kagawa, Naoshima, the Seto Inland Sea, Shodoshima, all fit that need perfectly.

Glad you came this way, Cathy. Hope you will come again. In the meantime, travel safe!