Just 37 minutes south of Takamatsu is Shionoe Town. TakamatsuMovie (whose Youtube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBrgygRJrBOhvd_pYXHTeRg made this great video. It really shows the pace and represents the feeling of the town. I’ve been there once and thought it was marvellous. I highly recommend you going and checking that out, especially if you are in need of a place to re-charge and re-energize yourself.

Check it out!

Here is also a great link to a potential plan for a visit in Shionoe. https://matcha-jp.com/en/6846

Many people have a dream to come to Japan and to see the “real Japan”, the “deep Japan”.  I think that the opportunity for this dream lays here in Shikoku. There are many places that are far away from the concrete, noise, and buzzing fluorescent lights of the big city.

Here in the countryside you can have some peace, and time, and a chance to pause, observe, and just “be in the moment”. Isn’t that the best part of about traveling sometimes. Also, we know that people in the countryside tend to be a little more approachable than folks you might bump into in a big city. In more rural settings there are increased chances to talk with people, enjoy some time together, and to maybe make a connection with someone that lasts a lifetime.