R.E. Gemma made a very nice two-day Naoshima Youtube journey. She kindly captured it here for us to enjoy. I really enjoyed her trip, and really appreciate her, as she says, “gushing” about the area. It really is unique and special, and I agree, if you are an artist, it would be quite cool for you to come out and check out Naoshima.


The weather was unkind, but R.E. Gemma was not to be dissuaded or regretful. Making the most of it, there seemed to be nothing to dampen her enthusiasm. I like the advice at the end that if you are already in Japan, especially if you live in Japan as an expat, it’s a great idea to get away and see something very unique, but still something very Japanese.

Very much hope to see you this way again, R.E. Gemma! The Setouchi Art Festival kicks off next month and there will be art all over the place, and many more islands to discover and explore.

In the meantime I am looking forward to your next adventure!