This website,, written by a gentleman who calls himself Jasbir contacted me some time ago and let me know about his really marvelous website. Having traveled the pilgrimage not once, but TWICE, on foot, he really knows his stuff. The second time through proves to be invaluable as it verifies his first experiences where necessary, and provides deeper insight as he comes through the second time. I like very much that Jasbir took with him a stack of photos to pass to people on the way, as a token of goodwill and friendship. That was really cool, and a terrific idea.

I loved the self-reflections throughout the site. Thoughtful and insightful, Jasbir takes us along with him in a very humane and gentle way. The narrative is very personal, and I am still in the midst of reading through it. Very enjoyable so far!!

One awesome feature of this website is that it has EXTENSIVE information about lodging on the Ohenro Route. This is really worth its weight in gold and for traveling Ohenro you need to bookmark this on your computer and phone as you travel. No doubt the very hard work of many days and nights. Thank you VERY much for the detailed information, Jasbir.

This is the greatest “reverse settai” I have seen so far. Thanks a million!