I found this great article: https://rideonmagazine.com.au/o-shikoku-on-a-bike/ . I am absolutely intrigued by people who decide to ride their bicycle through the pilgrimage. I am not a cyclist myself. Actually, it was only last year that I bought a bicycle so I could ride with my daughters as they are getting their wheels under them. I was chasing them like mad down the street until they got their each found their balance. Now they want to venture out further.

Maybe that is the allure of cycling through Shikoku. You can do it, albeit not so easily, within about a month and you have a lot more control in terms of your own time. Walking the pilgrimage, for some, is the best way to go. But there are no rules about “how to ohenro”. You can drive, ride a bus, take the train, take a motorcycle, and yes, even cycle.

The benefit to cycling as well is that this mode of doing the pilgrimage has become more and more popular over time, and there are more supports for these kinds of pilgrims. So, if you would like to come to Shikoku for the adventure of a lifetime, but don’t have the time you would need to walk, and love to cycle, this might be a good way to go.

Read all about it in Tony Gibb’s article, find out what other ohenro cyclists have done, and then, when the time is right, come on out!