I really like these videos where people are interviewed after having finished the 88 Shikoku Temple Pilgrimage. They come from all walks of life, different countries, different languages, different ages and abilities, but here they are. And they all share something very special and unique too. Doing the pilgrimage takes some time, and you can do it a lot or do it a little. Everyone seems to have something great to say about it.

I am particularly fond of this video in that the interviewee reminds me of people I know in Canada. As a Canadian myself, I find her way of talking, calm, deliberate, patient, to be so familiar, so that was nice to see.

You don’t have to be a super athlete to walk the pilgrimage. You don’t have to endure very severe conditions to walk and learn and experience something so unique here in Japan. You just need you, some walking shoes, a bag to carry your stuff, and a patient and kind attitude. That gets you pretty much wherever you need to go.