Sheila Simkin gets around. Coming to Japan through Oku Travel she arrives in Japan for the 88 Temple Pilgrimage of Shikoku. This video is so pure as it really just shows what most people experience when they get off the boat, wander over to temple number one, get their ohenro gear, and just head on out the door.

I love the tone and style of Sheila Simkin. She reminds me of a neighbour lady I used to know. Very matter-of-fact, no nonsense, just tells it like it is, Sheila will give you the straight goods on whatever is going on. Listen to Sheila. She’s got things she needs to tell you.


You should visit her YouTube channel and subscribe. Sheila goes all over the world, describes herself as a travel addict, and loves to show the interesting things that she has seen and done all over the world. Check out her website too!