This blog is run by a madman waving a flag. The call is for you to stop what you are doing, check out the various blogs on this site, feel a deep inspiration welling up in your heart. You see islands. You see art. You see pilgrims. You see nature, and tea ceremony, and martial arts, and bonsai, and folding bicycles that go on trains.

But what do you do to come here? What kind of trip is possible?

That, dear friends and neighbours, is an excellent question. I want to help a little, if I can, in the days and weeks to come, to assemble sample trips that you could possibly take.

This brief video is one that shows you four great cities to see in Japan. And not one of them is Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka. This is a bit more for those who want to get a bit deeper into the Japan experience.

Hiroshima. Okayama, Matsuyama, Takamatsu.

Come along for a great ride.