Edward Crawford seems to be a very gentle bespectacled gentleman on vacation with his family all over the world. His YouTube Channel is a great collection of adventures all over the world, with very regular trips to Japan. He is indeed a repeater for places off the beaten track in Japan.

This video is the one on his channel that exploded, having thousands of viewers, and you can see why. The scenery is great as he takes us through Shikoku: Ritsurin Park, Ohenro temples, cable cars up the mountain, and then to Tokushima to the Iya valley and Alex Kerr’s Chiirori. Very cool. And you get a very nice peek inside those accommodations too. Very cool. Super classy. Check this out!

The music gets a bit funky, but don’t let that throw you. It was a bit unexpected, but I dig the groove. Thanks for this video Mr. Crawford!