If you are trekking around Shikoku and walking the 88 Temple Pilgrimage on foot you might very well have heard about Henro House. What Henro House is is a collaboration of guest houses, ranging in quality, where pilgrims can find shelter.  I think that it is a brilliant cooperative of like minded people who want to help people on the road find places to rest, put their feet up, and gather their strength as they push on to the next day.


Going through the various places one can stay I was surprised how genuinely hospitable so many of the listings seemed to be. Travellers can experience first-hand the warm culture and friendly people of Shikoku when they book Henro Houses. I recommend that you check out what is available and plot out your journey accordingly. For specific feedback on the quality or amenities of any specific Henro House I also recommend that you join the FaceBook group Ohenro-san (Ohenro San お遍路さん) and ask questions there.

To use Henro House you need to make an account with them and then make reservations. You cannot book a place more than 30 days in advance, so that is important to know.

There are a lot of people out there who want to see you have a successful pilgrimage. But isn’t a lot of life kind of like that? We succeed often because there are people behind us, around us, and in front of us, helping us along.

Travel safe and check out Henro House! If you have feedback on any specific place you’ve stayed, feel free to send me your information, or put it on the Facebook group page!