We have been in an age of environmental awareness for the last several years. No longer is the concept that our planet is getting warmer just a matter of opinion. Scientists agree, despite what lunatics may say, that global warming is a reality. It’s a reality that we need to consider with a certain amount of urgency. It’s an issue that people can make local economic decisions about to move economies around the world in the direction it needs to.

Akira Sakano of the tiny town of Kamikatsu, has been actively engaged in the process of radically reducing overall waste in the town. The progress they have made has been unbelievable. Check the following videos out below to see what kinds of incredible innovations have taken place over the last decade.

Here is an article that addresses the progress and project in some detail: https://wef.ch/2Wn5iIp

The Davos summit was an international event and a remarkable thing that it is a small town in Shikoku that can stand on such a gigantic global stage and show others “how it gets done”.

Sakano-san also delivers a very good TED talk as well on the topic.

Sakano-sans NPO, called the Zero Waste Academy can be found here: http://zwa.jp/en/

Please check it out, get connected with them through their social media links, and if you are interested to see first hand how it gets done right, come on down to Tokushima and witness with your own eyes. There is much to be done to keep our planet safe, and clean, and beautiful. We all need to do our part.

Thank you Sakano-san for the inspiration. Wishing you every good thing as you lead others in a better way to live.