I love our home here in Kagawa. For me, there’s no place like it, and I think that now at 50 years old, I can say that I’ve been around a lot, and I’ve been to a lot of different places. But, no matter where I go, I still feel very much at home here in Kagawa. So, I am naturally so delighted when I see promotion video about this place, especially as I would very much like to see you come here and experience these things too.

I really think that this is a great time to come to Kagawa, particularly if coming to Japan has been a dream of yours. Some of the bigger and more popular tourist areas in the country are reporting cases of “tourism fatigue”, and the news is sometimes not so favorable about foreign visitors trampling through some of the usual sites. To be truthful, there has been some bad behaviour, things like graffiti, people bringing in their snacks to eat in a restaurant, throwing junk on the floor etc. so that is something we should all be mindful about.

On the other hand, I think that some of the reporting is a bit on the sensational side and that a lot of people who visit Japan do come with good intentions to enjoy, learn, and have a unique experience. Those experiences are surely to be had here in Kagawa, where you can get a little closer to the action than you would in a bigger city.