Life Where I am From is a very articulate and intelligent Youtube channel. Greg Lam, a Canadian expat living in Tokyo, makes great videos. Well designed, great concepts, articulate, beautifully edited, smooth voice overs, what more can I say that is great about Greg’s work? Check the video below and see for yourself.

I like very much that Greg Lam is discussing a rather significant issue about Japan in that there are issues about how rural life and urban life differ, and with an aging population combined with a surge in foreign tourism, things get rather interesting for Japan.

Will a tourist boom be the thing that helps rural Japan grow and prosper? As Sherry in Ehime discusses very nicely there are some inherent reluctant elements in rural areas to change, and the pace of life is such that radical transformation is both unlikely and partially also unwelcome. Without information or support will tourism efforts in Shikoku fail to deliver hoped-for results? Or will the tourism boom push the are to make necessary adaptations, regardless of reluctant elements to change?

We are going to see more and more in the near future as these two elements come closer and closer to one another.

With so much trash on Youtube, and some very dull vanity-vlogs that are out there, this is a very refreshing and much needed dose of intelligence. Great job Mr. Lam. Thanks a lot for this!

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