When we had a chance to get away for a little while, between all the wrapping up of the school year at the end of March, and all the craziness of getting ready for the beginning of the school year, which starts in April, we took a day to go here: Hyper Resort Villa Shionoe. The name is a bit, wordy, but the onsen (hot spring) hotel was great.


Our only mission was to bathe and gorge ourselves on food. We did both and it was sublime.

Checking in was a piece of cake. This hotel is not so fancy and not so modern. It really is a kind of throw-back to the Showa Era. The hotel is well visited, the baths are still very much like they probably were when they were installed. The rooms are simple tatami with futons on the floor. The views are great in the mountains. The staff is cordial and attentive. And the food was local, and varied, and extremely delicious. Check these out!:


I ate all of this. Then like a boa constrictor digesting its kill, I laid on the tatami and closed my eyes for about ten hours. After awaking, I rose in to a certain degree of dishevelment and plodded off to the hot baths.

The kids had a good time too. Hanging out, chatting, reading, playing games, and just trying some different kinds of food too. A very brief, but fun family trip. We will surely do it again, and I hope  to report on more onsen hotels in our area, and beyond!