There is a Youtube channel that pops up here rather regularly, and it is because it simply is so excellent in capturing the moment while interviewing foreigners who come to Shikoku that are on the 88 Temple Pilgrimage.

This video in particular I thought was great:


Did you notice when he said that he thought Shikoku was THE place to go to, rather than the heavily travelled routes between Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto? I thought that was quite cool to see, and nice to hear that we are not the only people who think so.

A lot of pilgrims come to Japan to figure out something important for themselves, or to get a “re-set”, or some space to just think and be. What is a common denominator with so many is that the pilgrimage changes them, and makes a bit more sense of things that didn’t seem to make much sense when they started.

So, when are YOU coming to walk those miles? youmemeyou tokushima is by far, one of my favourite Youtube channels out there that focusses on the Ohenro experience. Please check them out and subscribe!