I have been meaning to put this up on the blog for a few weeks now, but April was crazy busy and I have no other excuses. But finally here it is. I want to introduce to you the famous Tosa Paper (washi paper) of Kochi Prefecture.

I was kindly invited by my good friend, Mr. Goto, to come to Kochi prefecture for an evening of dining and a day of adventure. Information on the meal portion will come later, but we went to a very cool paper (washi) making place that you might want to know about.

Below are a couple of videos that include maps how to get out to Tosa. It is a bit of a trek, so you will need a car, or get on a tour that will bring you there. I had to admit that I had no idea what it was all about, but was completely charmed by the whole experience. I made a few postcards with dried flowers in them. I had no idea I was so artistic, but the materials are so beautiful and the instruction was so clear that it was pretty hard to botch it up.


For more information on Tosa washi creating, and how you can get out there, check out the following links!



Here is a cool little video on how Tosa washi is made commercially.