While living in Kagawa, and being naturally biased that where I live is the BEST, I have to admit that this video from Matsuyama City in Ehime (next door to Kagawa) is pretty cool.  When people arrive in Shikoku, they tend to arrive either through Tokushima from Osaka, through Takamatsu via airport from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, or Korea, or through the western portal of Matsuyama from Hiroshima or Kyushu.

I like this video in that it is cheerful, very well prepared with cheerful music, and shows some of the incredible sights and sounds of the area. The Seto Inland Sea, Dogo Onsen, Matsuyama Castle, and more. Please do check this out, and if you are coming through Shikoku, and want to see a very nice modern Japanese city that is still very much off the beaten track, get yourself to Matsuyama!