This is terrific. I love it, probably because I can’t dance. And when I do, my kids say, “Dad, NOBODY wants to see that.”

They said the same thing when I took off my shirt too. This makes me sad.

But what did not make anyone sad is this very groovy series of dance videos by Dancer Yeomin. He’s got all the moves I don’t. Check it!

Killer dance moves in Takamatsu, near Sunport, and on the coast.

Grooving by Matsuyama Castle.

Dancing with art. We’ve got lots of outside things to see, now with more motion.

Back in Takamatsu in Kitahama Alley. Have a cafe latte.

Out in Kannonji, busting the moves on a red bridge.

Busshozan Park in the cherry blossoms. How cool is that?

And previously shown on the Chichibugihama Beach.


Thanks for the great videos and super cool moves. And if you are reading this come out to Shikoku and make some moves of your own. I promise to not take off my shirt anymore.