The Kasha (火車), or “fire car”, or “burning chariot” is the spirit of wrath that comes from the afterlife to grab up the corpses of the dead who did not do well for themselves in life. The Kasha is a vengeful spirit, and appropriate as there is a strong element of wrath, rage, and judgement that we can find in some elements of Buddhism. In some cases the Kasha is in the form of a cat, or carrying a wheel of fire, or sometimes simply a demon.

There are rituals in a few places around Japan that are to deter the Kasha from zooming into a funeral and taking off with the deceased. It may be a decoy funeral to fool the Kasha, or a ritual performed by a priest to keep the Kasha away and let the family mourn in peace.

When the Kasha appear to take corpses from funerals they often arrive in thunder and lighting. There are several interesting stories of how Kasha have been fended off at the times they have arrived to exact their vengeance.

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