This is a very informative and fun video to check out. Created by Japan Story, one of my most favourite Youtube channels, we are brought along to see how some (a very unique kind of Japanese noodle) is made. The process is very tradition and you can notice the difference in the taste and texture.


There is so much to see and experience when you come to a part of Japan that is off the beaten track. And there are still many local places, customary and traditional crafts and foods that are still prepared. While Shikoku is continuing to suffer from a declining population there is still much that merits our best efforts to promote and preserve.

Japan has such a rich culture in food, confectionary, music, art, and dance there is always something new to explore and discover. It’s hard to see much in the bigger cities, so how about coming this way to Shikoku. Get your backpack on, pick a couple of weeks, and let yourself wander out into the country. I can think of no better, or no safer place to try such an adventure than Shikoku. Everyone I have ever met who has come this way seeking culture and adventure returns deeply satisfied, and determined to come and see more.

Come on out and try a delicious somen dish.

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