I hope you have been enjoying the updates to this site. For my part, I really do enjoy making content, or better yet, referring you to content that already exists here in Shikoku. It’s been over ten years since Kagawa-ken has become my home. I love this place.

My work is here. My wife and I run a chain of language schools (called englishbiz: http://www.englishbiz.jp) and we work like crazy every day for kids. I love my work. Almost every day I am across a table from kids helping them puzzle out how English works, how to form smooth sounding English with their own mouths, and how to make steady lines and curves to make beautiful words and sentences on paper. I’m in the fiftieth year of my life, so I am lucky beyond measure that I can use my time to be of service to others, especially kids.

My other job, and it manifests itself here, is to promote this little corner of Japan. Each week I try to get out and see something new and special, something hidden or traditionally Japanese. More and more, now that we work as Inbound Consultants for Shikoku, we have meetings and coffee times with people who want to show their lives, their art, their food, their world, to the outside. The only thing that blocks them is the huge language barrier.

As language professionals, that is where we can help. That is where we can facilitate and link people together. And we are delighted and honoured to do so. We know that there is great things to see and experience here in Japan, especially in Shikoku. We know that this is such an undiscovered place that people would have a great time in such a traditional and untouched part of Japan. We want to put you guys together.

So, if you are interested in any of the following, and would like to be introduced to people who can look after you and show you around, just let me know. We will get that going for you.

Possible super cool unique Japanese experiences:

Art tour of the Setouchi Islands

Visiting and exploring the Japanese pilgrimage trail for a few days

Visiting sake breweries and experiencing sake culture

Bonsai gardening

Nature hike

Wagyu dining and Japanese food experience

Martial arts training and experience

Cycling tour

Fishing expedition

Or would you like some combination of the above. Perhaps some bonsai, sake tour, a couple days as a pilgrim, a trip out to an island or two, and a day on a bicycle in the country?

Would you like to stay at rural hotels with traditional hot spas? We can arrange to have that folded into a plan.

How many days would you like to experience the region? What are some things that you would like to do? We know people who can organize all the particulars and ensure that your time is well supported and smooth running.

This is a great time to see the “real Japan”, or better expressed, “the really old and lesser known in tour books Japan”. And we would be delighted to help facilitate your experience.

If you are interested, please send me a brief email to cometokagawa@gmail.com . We will help get you sorted. Thanks for coming by and have a great day!