Matcha- Japan Travel Web Magazine is a highly reputable information provider of all kinds of great things to see in Japan. I am absolutely thrilled to see what a great article that they prepared for the Setouchi Triennale. There really is not so much to find out there in terms of reliable and un-biased information about the festival, so I am delighted to promote Matcha to you.

Check out this link:

The reason I like this magazine so much, and highly recommend it for a few reasons. First it is written in impeccable English, so it is easy to understand for anyone. Second, there is no “bias” behind the writing, so there are no “digs” at anyone, or judgemental snobbish statements. It is friendly, and helpful, and relevant. Certainly will be a publication that will be around for many many years to come. As such, we will continue to promote it for the many many years it will continue to be relevant and worthwhile.

Within the article are a lot of good links to helpful places, and more background information too!

I will do my best to keep looking for, and promoting worthwhile and helpful materials for visitors to the Setouchi Art Festival. There certainly is much to see and do, so don’t feel like to have to see EVERYTHING. There is plenty to see for multiple visits and each time would be a unique and ¬†meaningful experience.