Hello All,

First of all I would like to really express my gratitude and surprise for the recent bursts of people accessing this website. Getting a few thank you notes for this site from people who found the content useful really is nice. I realize that it has been a few weeks since the last update, but there are reasons for that–some of which you might have heard, or even used yourself before!

Blogging is great, and fun, but it is not your whole life. And sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. Just know that my thoughts are not far from here and I am still committed to making sure that, on average, this site will get an update for every day of the year. Since January first of this year I’ve been able to put together 183 updates. Still on track for 365 for the year.

A few things that have kept me overly busy these days is that this year I am teaching much more than I usually do. We run a chain of language schools, so while I am absolutely thrilled with the tremendous staff we have at this time, and so impressed with their cheerfulness, helpfulness, constructive criticisms, insights, and kindness, sometimes the boss needs to get in the front line to work together too. I always admired my karate teacher, Taniguchi-Sensei. No matter how hard we trained, or how long, he always worked side by side with us. He inspired me then, and always will.

Another thing is that we are working very hard on planning for our work as Inbound Consultants. We have had a good number of meetings with people in this industry, and those involved in the hospitality business. There has been more translation work needing done, and agreements for larger projects that are just about to come to light. As soon as I can, I will broadcast it like crazy on this site.

So, at this time I have a little breather, so I am going to blast ahead and get some more updates on this site, show you some cool things I found, and share with you more and more all the great reasons why Shikoku, and Kagawa-ken, are really must-go-to places if you are looking for a tremendously meaningful and impactful experience in Japan!

Thanks again for coming by, and if you have something that you think I am missing here, please let me know!