Ever since I had a very cool experience in Tokushima with the Aware Company that takes people all over the place on the Brompton bicycle, and met the guys who run the company, and the promotion team, I am simply in love with the great work that they do. It is absolutely flawless.

I like that the experience is about the people coming to do something unique. I like that there is a hope and desire to connect people to each other. I like that there are stories here that are good to tell, and worth remembering. I like the music. I love the photography. I like the groovy bicycles to zip around the countryside.

There are lots of tours to Japan that just shove you in a bus and drop you off at a souvenir shop. That is not much of a Japan experience, and it never feels good to be treated like someone’s economic opportunity. But the people at Awa-re are different. They really like to meet people, spend time together, travel around together, and get to know other people. I was really impressed when I had my chance to see them. Please go to¬†https://www.awa-re.com and get more information.

I really think that this is such a unique travel and tour experience. So, I hope you will call up these guys and figure out how to spend a few days in Tokushima to explore the area and to ride around on the Brompton. It is a total blast.