This is really one of the most beautiful videos I have seen that introduces the 88 Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage of Shikoku. And luckily it is with a company that may be able to help you see and experience the pilgrimage yourself. Check this out:

Here is another video of the experience:

And one more:

So now you can see how tremendously gorgeous and impressive this pilgrimage can be. The biggest issue for travellers is that they have no idea where to start, and where to get the support for trying it. People want to do it, but they are nervous, and properly so.

Where do I start?

How far do I walk each day?

Where will I sleep?

Can I get something to drink or eat on the way?

Where can I use a washroom or take a break?

A well organized trip with support tour is what you may need. I cannot endorse Oka Japan in any real capacity, since I have not been on the tour myself. But do check them out, get more information, and see what kinds of reviews of their services are out there.

If, and when, you come to Shikoku and use a tour group or guide, please let others know about your experience so that the next pilgrim can come behind you and have an experience that may change their life.