While I am very glad to be a lone siren-song in the wind about all the great things about Shikoku, Kagawa, and Takamatsu, I am also very happy to find more resources that underscore what I could find, and add more. One great resource for travelling is The Crazy Tourist. This resource has reviews from all over the world and they seem to go everywhere. So what is so great is that for such a wide-reaching on-line resource, they still manage to pinpoint some excellent things to recommend here in Kagawa. Check out the article:


As with all things, the best experience in traveling is the discoveries you make yourself. It might be good to see what other people say, and maybe follow up recommendations for “must see” or “must do”, but in truth, you are the best judge of what is good for you. I might recommend or show something here, but since you know your own schedule and preferences, you will surely deviate from the well worn path and do something on your own.

So, if you happen to stumble across something in this neck of the woods that you think others might want to see or know about, shoot me a line so I can shine some light on it and others can have your unique experience too.

Travel safe!