On the island of Awashima is a post office where letters, that can’t be delivered, come to rest. They are letters of people’s hopes and dreams. Communications with people that were, and maybe still are, loved. But something happened, and the delicate strand of sending a letter out in the hopes of it arriving where it needs to go, was snapped.

And the letters come here.

Starting out as an art project, the Awashima Post Office takes on a life of its own. Still managed by a post master (but with limited hours, so check the schedule before heading out), this lovely post office is a treasure to experience.


Here is a very nice little blog of someone checking out the experiences of Awashima:


It has been such a great experience that it has also been duplicated in England. Check out this article too!


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And if you are so inclined, you can even write a letter yourself, and leave it here behind.