I may have mentioned before, but many years ago I was a very active karate student, and later on a coach. I love karate, and I was “raised” in Shotokan karate when I lived in Ishikawa-ken. I trained in a rural dojo with the greatest Japanese men I have ever met (Taniguchi-Sensei, Mori-Sensei, Yoshioka-Sensei) and these three men patiently taught and trained me for over 12 years.

During my tenure in Ishikawa-ken we had top instructors come to the area for seminars for karate instructors, and I got to meet the luminaries of Shotokan karate. As the only non-Japanese in the room I often got to meet them face to face, talk a little with them, and at times singled out for “demonstration”. One of the most impressive and fantastically talented karate men to come our way was Naka-Sensei. And he came a few times to see us too! The training and instruction was simply marvellous. He is a very very smart man, and a brilliant karate teacher.

Naka-Sensei, as a great researcher and thinking and expert in karate and martial arts travels all over to learn and grow his own knowledge. And he came to Kagawa for Shorinji-Kempo.

How cool is that?

Check out this video!